Mayer Brown understands that copyrights can be an integral part of a company’s intellectual property portfolio and that copyright issues are often inseparable from concerns involving software, digital media and the Internet. We handle a wide variety of copyright matters for our clients and are highly skilled at counseling on copyright protection issues. We understand the legal issues from both sides, having represented copyright owners and parties defending against copyright claims.

We enforce copyrights on software, product appearances and databases, and have developed particularly effective anti-piracy strategies. We have obtained numerous pre-judgment seizure orders against pirates of computer software, high-technology products, luxury goods, and celebrity merchandise. Our lawyers have supervised and coordinated international anti-piracy actions in East Asia and other parts of the world.

Thanks to our ongoing representation of music publishers, we have a thorough understanding of the music industry, and music copyright in particular. We represented EMI Music Publishing in the proceeding before the Copyright Royalty Board to establish royalty rates to be paid to music composers for the “mechanical” royalty. Our significant involvement in software copyright disputes has made us a leader in that field as well.

Our representation of Google and YouTube not only put Mayer Brown at the forefront of digital media copyright controversies, but also cemented our role in helping to define the legal landscape of emerging areas of Internet copyright law. In addition to providing core copyright services—such as counseling to avoid infringement of existing copyrights and registering copyrights—we have developed a sophisticated copyright licensing practice. In such matters, we often work closely with our colleagues in our highly regarded Business & Technology Sourcing practice and have repeatedly achieved excellent results for our clients.