Lawyers in our Property Rights practice have extensive experience advising clients and litigating matters involving property rights and environmental laws under the Takings, Equal Protection, Due Process, Contracts, and Commerce Clauses of the United States Constitution and their state equivalents. Throughout the country, we have worked on cases involving government attempts to use eminent domain to acquire securitized mortgage loans and businesses’ fights against statutes, ordinances and agency actions that diminish the value of private property and involve regulations on zoning, agricultural, mining, waste management, clean water, wetlands and endangered species, as well as utility and other business rate regulations.

Members of the Property Rights practice—often in consultation with lawyers in the firm’s Real Estate, Environmental and Government Relations practices—represent clients at all stages of property rights disputes.

We provide advice to clients dealing with government agencies, such as the federal EPA and Corps of Engineers, state environmental departments and local zoning boards, to ensure that statutory and constitutional issues are developed and preserved for subsequent administrative and judicial review.
Mayer Brown has extensive experience in all aspects of trial and appellate litigation to prevent government infringements of private property rights or to obtain compensation once an infringement has occurred