Mayer Brown’s Telecommunications Litigation lawyers combine extensive industry knowledge and in-depth regulatory understanding with exceptional commercial litigation skills to represent the interests of telecommunications clients in dispute resolutions around the globe. Our Telecommunications Litigation practice advises on a broad range of related areas, including telecommunications, antitrust, administrative law, civil procedure, constitutional law, economic principles, overlapping regulatory institutions and complex new technologies. We understand the converging trends that have transformed worldwide telecommunications service — wireless and broadband growth, privatization, outsourcing, provider consolidation — and we are well-positioned to handle new types of controversies as a result.

Integrated Global Capabilities

We leverage Mayer Brown’s global resources through a closely knit team approach that combines talents and insights from team members in the United States, Europe and Asia. Each of our group’s US-based partners has many years of telecommunications experience, with knowledge of both the technical areas of telecommunications law and of trial and appellate litigation strategy. In Europe, many members of our team have been employed by, or seconded to, companies in the telecom sector, and they take an active role in industry associations and regulatory bodies to shape the development of telecom law. Mayer Brown lawyers in Asia assist telecom, as well as Internet, satellite and broadcasting clients, with dispute resolution and transactional needs throughout that region.

Our lawyers have in-depth understanding of the industry in their own regions and work collaboratively when client concerns cross national boundaries. The result is what Chambers USA (2008) called “a dominant position that few, if any, are able to compete with” in the field of telecom law, including “a set of ‘terrific litigators’ with vast experience in a wide variety of telecom matters [that] cements the firm’s position at the top of the table.”